Saturday, January 25 Clinics

Please call to book your reservation in a clinic!  We want to speak with you and make sure you are getting exactly what you want.  Call Petra Cliffs Climbing Center: (802) 657-3872 or toll free: 866-65-PETRA.

The meeting location for clinics will be the Smugglers’ Notch Inn and Tavern in Jeffersonville, VT between 8:30-9am; clinics start at 9am. Demo equipment will be available after 8am. 

Clinic participants may demo gear free of charge including boots, crampons, ice axes, helmets, harnesses, gloves and jackets.  An additional welcome packet and packing list will be sent upon clinic registration.

Annual Women’s Ice Clinic sponsored by   -

Time: 9am – 2:30pm

This women’s only clinic is perfect for beginner to intermediate climbers.  Learn the basics of how to climb ice using crampons and ice axes, incorporating balance, movement, footwork, and good axe swings.  Spend the day climbing varying angles of ice, learning how to rest, stay warm, and tackling any mental barriers.   No experience necessary, but those with experience who just want a day to climb with other women are welcome!

Introduction to Ice Climbing   -

Time: 9am – 3:30pm
Cost: $130

Enter into the exhilarating winter sport of ice climbing!  No climbing experience necessary.  Learn how to walk in crampons, swing an ice axe, and climb in a new realm. Get comfortable reading ice, swinging ice tools, using good footwork and learn techniques to become efficient while climbing.

Steep Ice Climbing Technique  -

Time: 9am-3:30pm
Cost: $130

Have experience climbing Ice but struggle on the steep stuff! Feel like WI3 just isn’t doing it anymore?  Come learn from a world class athlete on ways to stay strong, conserve energy and climb fast on STEEP terrain. Learn how to read ‘funky’ ice and translate what you see into how you climb.

Smuggs Alpine Climbing -

Time: 9am – 3:30pm
Cost: $150

Smuggler’s Notch is an alpine playground.  Climb with a guide using a variety of snow traveling and ice climbing skills in gullies and multi-pitch terrain.

Climbers must have previous experience ice climbing up to WI 3, rappelling, and following multi-pitch rock or ice climbs.  Please be prepared for a strenuous day of traveling through deep snow and withstanding cold and wind.

Efficient Climbing Techniques:  climb smoother, faster, longer, and harder  –

Time: 9am – 3:30pm
Cost: $130

Ice and Alpine climbing are all about efficiency.  Every movement uses energy and unnecessary movements waste energy.  Learning how to move efficiently allows us to climber bigger routes and accomplish more in a day out in the mountains.  Join this clinic to work on improving your speed and success when climbing ice.
  • racking your gear for easy access
  • properly “tuned” gear
  • using the right tool for the right situation
  • body positioning, balance, movement, awareness
  • how and when to rest
  • belay transitions / rope management
  • staying warm and comfortable
  • etiquette

Prerequisite:  Anyone with previous ice climbing experience who wants to improve their technique.  Activities will involve climbing with a top-rope setup.

Learn to Lead (Two-Day Clinic) -

Time: 9am -3:30pm Saturday & Sunday
Cost: $300

Are you a top-rope master and you’d like to open up a new world of possibilities?  Learn to lead on ice, place ice screws, use terrain features, build anchors, and evaluate your gear.  Climbers must have significant ice climbing experience and should feel comfortable toproping at least WI3+; experiencing leading on rock is recommended.


Book a Private Guide –

Do you have a specific objective in mind?  Booking a private guide will allow the focus of your day to be fully customized.
$225 (please call to reserve; availability may be limited)


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